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Own a blog? Have a busy schedule? Feel like you're forever writing content?

Let me help!

PLR products are prewritten articles and premade graphics that you can modify and claim as your own in your business. We do the writing and graphic creation... you modify items as you see fit and post them on your blog or social media... it's that simple!

If you've had the misfortune of buying horribly written PLR products from other sites in the past, I know that trust can be an issue. No one wants to waste money on an inferior product.

Rest assured that I've got your back!

Why can you trust me?

  • I've been a licensed teacher since 1989, so I'm an expert at spotting less than stellar writing. 
  • I'm a Literacy Specialist.
  • I have a red marking pen and I'm not afraid to use it! If I review a PLR product and it's totally worthless, I'll slap a fat F on the review! 
  • I've owned my own sites since 2006, so I'm adept at spotting content needs.
  • I know how to use there, their, and they're.

What can you expect from me?

  • New PLR content on a regular basis. I will either personally write or edit it.
  • Tips and info about starting and building your own blog.
  • Reviews of new PLR packages that other content providers offer for sale.
  • Ideas about using PLR in your business. 
  • Product recommendations.

So, there you have it... come on! Stick around! You know ya wanna!

The PLR Teacher

The PLR Teacher