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Bug Out & Survival PLR by Tiffany Lambert (Bonus)

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Tiffany Lambert just released a new product! If you've been using PLR for any length of time, you probably know by now that she delivers solid content. 

Wait! Did you hear Tiffany's name and start screaming, "TAKE MY MONEY!" at the top of your lungs? Then feel free to skip the rest of my drivel and click the link below:

Buy Survival PLR Pack Now!

Need to know more? Read on...

Survival Bug Out PLR

Her pack today is in the survival niche and is all about bugging out. This niche is hot and very profitable.

Here's what's in this PLR bundle - 20 articles with the following titles:

  1. The Definition of Bugging Out Can Vary - 551 words
  2. Pros and Cons of Bugging Out Versus Bugging In - 563 words
  3. Picking the Best Location for You to Bug Out - 535 words
  4. Practice Your Bug Out Scenarios for a Seamless Escape - 522 words
  5. Strategies You Need to Learn for a Bug Out Situation - 563 words
  6. The Importance of Speed in a Bug Out Situation - 482 words
  7. Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself and Your Supplies When Bugging Out - 514 words
  8. When Bugging Out, Awareness Is Key - 530 words
  9. Bugging Out with the Right People - 538 words
  10. What Does It Mean to Be a Gray Man During a Bug Out Event? - 545 words
  11. Study Human Psychology to Help You Navigate Treacherous Situations - 472 words
  12. Physical Fitness Prepping for a Bug Out Scenario - 537 words
  13. How Heavy Should Your Bug Out Bag Be Realistically? - 553 words
  14. Regional Threats to Be Aware of When Bugging Out - 509 words
  15. Check Your Bug Out Bag for Sounds - 430 words
  16. Use Unscented Toiletries When Bugging Out in Dangerous Situations - 489 words
  17. Don’t Multi-Task When You’re Bugging Out - 466 words
  18. Understanding the Terms Bug Out Bag, Inch Bag and Go Bag - 536 words
  19. See Which Items You Can Combine to Save Space - 505 words
  20. Place Extra Supplies Along Your Bug Out Routes and Secondary Paths - 467 words

The price?

Just $7! You can't beat that with a stick!

The Quality?

Nice articles with good content. You can tell that it was written by an experienced, English-speaking writer. 

I only spotted one typo in the 5 articles that I've had a chance to work with so far. (Sorry, Tiff... can't help myself... teachers are notorious for the red pen!) LOL

I did a quick scan of the other articles, and they look good as well.

The shortest article that I saw in this pack is 430 words, but the rest are between 466 and 563 words.

There is also plenty of content to keep you busy for quite a while.


Any Upsells?

Yes, there are two.

The first OTO is a bundle of 35 brand new product reviews for just $17! THIRTY FIVE!

She covers a variety of topics like mess kits, bug out bags, and military survival guides. These are perfect for adding your affiliate links to and monetizing your site.

The second is a bundle of 13 Survival PLR products that she has done in the past. It's a steal at $27! The topics include things like 'Setting Up a Shipping Container Survival Home' and 'Survival Prepping on a Budget.'

Unique Content?

I checked a total of 6 random articles for plagiarism - 3 articles from the front end offer and 3 from the first OTO. All 6 came back with a clean report. 

Unique PLR Articles

PLR Bonus Time!

If you order through my link, you'll get this nifty little bonus from me! It's a package of 24 tips and inspirational images that you can use on social media. They're all square-shaped, so they're perfect for Instagram.

(Hint: I saw some prepper and survivalist accounts there, but didn't find anyone who was knocking it out of the ballpark. I think someone with the right info and graphics could rule the school.)

Bonus Graphics for Survival PLR by Tiffany Lambert

The Verdict?

Tiffany Lambert always delivers top-notch products. This one is no different.

Several nice articles that will help fill up your site fast and that first OTO is a no brainer for sure! If you've used survival PLR in the past, you may already have some of the products in the second OTO, so please check to make sure before you hit the Buy button.

So What Grade Does This Teacher Give Tiffany's PLR Package?

is this quality plr

Finally Convinced? Click this link and buy now!

The PLR Teacher

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